Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Facebook Profile Assignment

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Culture Jam Reflection

Sydney Bross

iPhone dies, you die (Culture Jam)


April 22, 2015

I had to change the colour of the mans T-Shirt from blue to black, so I used Image > Adjustments > Black and White. I fooled around with come colours and tried to make it look black without it looking fake. I also dodged and burned to add depth to the new dark colour.

My original idea for this piece targeting Apple was to reflect on how emojis are the 'new way to express emotion without even having to do that on our own. I basically had this idea that since iPhones are becoming so convenient, that if they all crashed one day the world would be hellish. At first I mostly tried to use my emoji idea, but I found it very difficult to express it properly while also making it witty and true. So, I veered more into the 'iPhones being too convenient idea and found that I could work with that better. Ms. George told me my ads were too simple, but I found that all Apple advertisements are very simple and to the point. So, I cam up with this; When your iPhone dies, so do you.'. I really like that idea in particular because I know of all the wonderful things iPhones are now capable of doing. But its all technology! What if someday it were to crash? What if all the iPhones in the world one day just shut down, how many people would be left hanging?

No artists in particular influenced me in this project. All I did was check out the iPhone ads, and I tried to imitate the same idea and appearance.

I balanced it asymmetrically, I find that ads look better like that. They look more free and relaxed (which iPhones portray). I didn't necessarily work too hard making the eye move around the whole thing, I was mainly focusing on having it make sense, which I think I did.

My personal motivation for this assignment was to bring light to the overuse of iPhones. I am an iPhone user, however I still really believe that people are losing their human connection because of texting and the fact that there's an app for anything you could think of. I wanted to use some of my skills I've learned surrounding dodging and burning. Also, I knew what the default Apple font was so I wanted to try using that in different ways.

I think that this ad out of all the ones I tried sticks out the most. I think it packs a pretty good punch for anyone that does use an iPhone, so they acknowledge that if iPhones were to ever die, it would greatly impact all people. And I believe I got that message across in a good way. I was surprised by how difficult it was to even come up with an idea for this, I kind of figured it would be kinda easy to think of something since I feel pretty strongly about it, but it really was a challenging process. I think with additional time I maybe could have thought of some more ideas but I had a really hard time not keeping it simple.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Post Apocalyptic 3D Reflection

Sydney Bross

Climate Disaster


April 8, 2015

In this piece, I used a few different technical techniques such as making brushes, colour composition (3D),

The idea I originally had for this was that the world had flooded due to global warming and climate change. I wanted to portray a city with water rising to the tops, and people living on the tops of the buildings. I kind of wanted a street going down the middle. However, the composition was harder to acquire than anticipated, so I ended up with a messy background of buildings in blue and green. Then, since there was a whole sky to fill which I had not planned for, I had to add in some random stuff which I was not very happy about. My idea about global warming and flooding stayed the same but the actual appearance of the work did not quite match up with what I had planned.

No, no particular artists really influenced me on this. I know we were supposed to look at and go off of the T&T art, but I really didn't enjoy it.

I believe that it is balanced fairly symmetrically, though I didn't put any specific effort into making it go either way. In my original plan, the intention was to do one street going down the middle so I had originally planned symmetrical. I placed emphasis on anything that is red, because it stands out in the 3D. I tried to make sure that there was enough red popping up throughout the piece.

Culture Jammers Brainstorming and Questions

Step Three: Questions

1.This ad represents Coca Cola. 
2. It is advertising for cola.
3. The fancy and easily identifiable Coca Cola font is being portrayed with the word 'Love', and someone wrote the word 'profit' underneath it.
5. Emphasis is used to draw all attention directly to the center of the picture. The font and swirly line represent a familiar design that people recognize. The colour red is a bright and popping colour that attracts attention. 
6. The target audience is anyone who drinks Coca Cola.
7. Yes, it very clearly states 'Love Profit', to convey the message that Coca Cola is in it for the money.
8. The jam could be improved if they were to re-do it and have some big wigs in suits taking money from kids or something like that.

1. This ad represents Target.
2. It is advertising for Christmas sales at Target.
3. It displays Jesus surrounded by gifts in front of the Target logo, two things that maybe shouldn't be related.
4. The message being stated is what appears to be 'Jesus Saves', however below him it says 'at Target this Christmas'. Which clearly reflects on the fact that companies will do anything or say anything in order to sell.
5. The whole image feels connected, like everything is where it is supposed to be, (rhythm). It is symmetrical yet also contains a variety of images. I felt as if my eyes moved around the ad nicely. Also, like the image above, the colour red is used to draw attention. 
6. The target is most likely adults buying for their families.
7.Yes the ad jam clearly conveys the message and could be super offensive if you were a crazy catholic.
8.I think the jam is perfect the way it is, it commercializes a religious figure in an offensive way so I would say that it is perfect.

Step 4: Brainstorming

I also like the idea of something that involves Emojis or texting, how for kids nowadays, that's the only way they communicate.
I think that apple and texting and apps and social media has completely taken over a lot of people's lives. Everyone texts each other, relying on emojis to portray emotion and no one has any courage to confront others in real life at all.

Maybe if I could get a picture of a group of people on their phones not speaking, then I could portray the idea that texting has replaced all real life communication. Or I could put the apple logo in peoples eyes somehow, to show that they are basically robots to technology. 

I feel like iPhone's have become far too convenient... They now have health settings, compass, an app for literally anything you could think of, they even have little icons to express emotion so we don't even have to express feeling anymore. We can just select an emoji that best presents how we feel and that is enough for one person to convey any emotion to another person. I think that's really quite ridiculous sounding when you break it down like that.

So, if I could somehow think of a way to portray the point that we don't even have to express emotion anymore thanks to iPhone emojis, I would express the point I want people to understand. I dont like the fact that real human communication is going out the window.

'Think Different'
'The power to your best.'
'Think outside the box.'
'Touching is believing'

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